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W*O*L*D is a Harry Chapin song released on the Short Stories album. The song was popular in concerts. Harry would substitute the name of the call letters of the local radio station for W*O*L*D at one point in the song, much to the crowd's delight.

W*O*L*D was the inspiration for the novel A Good Man by Larry Baker.


First release

Live releases



Various artist anthologies

  • Lakeshore Music Presents, Listen to the Music (1976) - Lakeshore Music/Warner Special Products (LP)
  • Our Songs: Singers and Songwriters Encore (1992) - Warner Special Products (CD)
  • Unelectric (1995) - Warner Special Products (CD)
  • Sounds of the Seventies: Rock (2001) - Time-Life (2 CDs) - European
  • Every Song Tells and Story (2003) - Universal Music TV (CD) - UK import
  • Ultimate 16: Lite FM Rock 70s (2006) - Madacy (CD) - Canadian import
  • The Singer and Songwriter Collection: (1970-1974) - Time-Life (CD)
  • The Rock Collection/FM Rock Doppel - German import