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  •''''' is a [[Harry Chapin]] song released on the [[Sniper and Other Love Songs]] album. * ''[[Sniper and Other Love Songs]]'' (1972)
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  • ...[Sniper and Other Love Songs]] album. This song has been described as the Chapin family theme song that's sung at weddings, funerals, and bar mitzvahs. It b This song was originally written for brother [[Tom Chapin |Tom]] for use on his children's TV show [[Make a Wish]]. On the [[Mike Douglas
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  • '''''W*O*L*D''''' is a [[Harry Chapin]] song released on the [[Short Stories (album)|Short Stories ]] album. The W*O*L*D was the inspiration for the novel ''[[A Good Man]]'' by [[Larry Baker]].
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  • ...ies]]''. Mr. Tanner was based on a New York Times review of a performance by Martin Tubridy (note: the name is often misspelled Turbidy). There were act * ''[[Bottom Line Encore Collection: Harry Chapin]]'' (1998)
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  • '''''Mail Order Annie''''' is a [[Harry Chapin]] song released on the ''[[Short Stories (album)|Short Stories ]]'' album. * In 1984, this song was performed by [[John Herrera]] and the company on the ''[[Lies and Legends (album)|Lies a
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  • ...t of" lists and "Worst of" lists. The worst of lists typically mention the songs sappiness. ...spired by the birth of Harry and Sandy's son [[Josh Chapin|Josh]]. [[Sandy Chapin]] shares writing credit as the song is based on a poem she wrote.
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  • '''''30,000 Pounds of Bananas''''' is a [[Harry Chapin]] song released on the [[Verities and Balderdash]] album. ...g up with new endings because his band did not like the first ending. The Chapin catch phrase "Harry, It Sucks" originates from Harry's retelling of the ban
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  • ...Water, White Death]]. A much longer version was released later on [[Harry Chapin]]'s [[Portrait Gallery]] album. This version included the same chorus but * ''[[Chapin Music!]]'' (1966) as part of [[Chapin Brothers]]
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  • '''''Flowers Are Red''''' is a [[Harry Chapin]] song released on the [[Legends of the Lost and Found (album) |Legends of * ''[[A Better Place to Be: The Songs of Harry Chapin]]'' (2002)
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  • '''''Story of a Life''''' is a [[Harry Chapin]] song released on the [[Sequel (album) |Sequel]] album. * ''[[Bottom Line Encore Collection: Harry Chapin]]'' (1998)
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  • ...ts. At [[Chapin Family]] concerts the song is typically performed by [[The Chapin Sisters]]. * ''[[Bottom Line Encore Collection: Harry Chapin]]'' (1998)
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  • ..., [[The Chapin Sisters]], Tom's daughters, released a version on their [[7 Songs in Progress]] release. ...s often mistakenly attributed to Harry. [[Let Time Go Lightly]] by [[Steve Chapin]] often experiences the same fate due it's inclusion here also.
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  • ...el (musical)|Cotton Patch Gospel]]''. The song is often included in live [[Chapin Family]] concerts when Michael Mark is part of cast. * In 1996, [[Tom Chapin]] released a live version of this song on his ''[[Join the Jubilee]]'' albu
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  • ...s covered by his daughter's group [[The Chapin Sisters]] on their 2004 [[7 Songs in Progress]] demo release. [[Category: Tom Chapin songs]] [[Category: Tom Chapin songs covered by other artists]]
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  • This [[Harry Chapin]] discography includes published audio releases, video releases, sheet musi ...nown to still exist, additional releases of music. Died hard fans of Harry Chapin await further releases of Cjapin music.
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