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(Why does ChapinWiki exist?)
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This Wiki is dedicated to [[Harry Chapin]]
This Wiki is dedicated to [[Harry Chapin]].
== Chapin Family ==
== Chapin Family ==

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This Wiki is dedicated to Harry Chapin.

Chapin Family

Many members of the Chapin Family lead public lives.

Why does ChapinWiki exist?

In 1999, Marty Acks started a Harry Chapin fan website at www.anyoldkindofday.com. It was one of many sites about Harry Chapin. By 2008 the website was in need of updating. A wiki style update was chosen to simplify editing, provide built in searching, simplify entry of content, and allow the community of Harry Chapin fans to add their own information.

While Wikipedia is for a great resource for information about famous people such as Harry, it also has notability guidelines. Much of the information in this web site would be not pass a notable test appropriate to a general purpose on-line encyclopedia, as well it should not be. Therefore, this wiki exists.


  • Trivial - Minutiae about Harry Chapin and public, performing members of the Chapin family and friends is strongly encouraged.
  • Public - Content about people who do not lead public lives is discouraged. Content that is controversial, inflammatory or disputed is also discouraged. This content will be subject to removal.
  • Positive - The content should be generally positive and accurate information. Observations about bad Rolling Stone interviews are fair game, but. articles should have a "Personal Observations" section added where personal comments about an event, song, album or the like. The rest of the site is intended to a rather encyclopedic or wikipedia-like style to it.
  • Copyrighted - Respect the copyrighted works of others. Quote source where you can. Wholesale publishing of lyrics here is not allowed. This site does not have the explicit rights from any artists or other websites to publish their information. Information gleaned from other source should just be quotes briefly and links should be provided for more information.
  • Commercial - This is not intended as a place to sell Chapin related materials. Blatant ads will be removed. Links to Chapin-related artists websites that have material for sale would be an is appropriate use. Also, information on how to purchase tickets for an upcoming Chapin relate event is appropriate.
  • Chapin-related - Content should in some way be about Harry Chapin, family and friends. For example, an article about Bruce Springsteen's performance at the Tribute concert concert, his work with WHY, and a link to his official web site would be appropriate. A full discography and biography would not be appropriate.