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Book of Chapin is a 1985 VHS release of a performance filmed for a 1974 appearance on the PBS TV series Soundstage. This show was filmed in Chicago at the WTTW studios. This concert was released on video and later on DVD. The show took 6 hours to record according to Harry's guitarist Ron Palmer. The show is filmed in a small, intimate studio setting with a small appreciative audience with Harry engaged with the audience tell a story about each song.

The 1998 DVD release titled Sound Stage Series: An Evening with Harry Chapin is a straight transcription of the video with no special features besides the addition of chapters. The DVD cuts off the part of the credits from the VHS. The DVD also lists a special appearance by Tom Chapin, however Tom does not appear on the DVD, nor the original VHS version.


Performance credits

Production credits

  • Ken Ehrlich - executive producer
  • Dave Erdman - associate producer, director
  • Eliot Wald - associate producer
  • Cynthia Sothon - assistant director
  • Tony Ciesniewski - technical supervisor
  • John Kennamer - audio
  • Joe Flores - video
  • Thomas Markle - light designer
  • Michael Lowenstein - set designer
  • Barry Blue - cameraman
  • Ken Clybor - cameraman
  • Tim Snell - cameraman
  • Carlos Tronshaw - cameraman
  • Martin Weaver - vision mixer
  • Joe Pellettiere - video tape
  • Rich Davies - video tape
  • Marvin Pienta - floor director
  • Rich Well - audio assistant
  • Robert Cutler - floor assistant
  • Jim Gedwellas - floor assistant
  • Jim Lindburg - floor assistant
  • Robert Murray - floor assistant
  • Rex Victor - floor assistant
  • Carolyn Inahara - graphics
  • Natalie Wargin - graphics
  • Andrew Epstein - title graphics

Special thanks to Fred Kewley

Additional DVD credits:

  • Steven Devick - executive producer DVD
  • Conni Treantafeles - art direction and design
  • Mark Alano - art direction and design
  • Sean Sutton - DVD Authoring


  • - the VHS version is highly rated by customers

Release history

Country Date Label Format Catalog Additional information
United States June 6, 1985 Rhino/WEA VHS R3 2085
United States July 14, 1998 Platinum Entertainment DVD 0 15095 2307 2

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