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Book of Chapin is a 1985 VHS release of a performance filmed for a 1974 appearance on the PBS TV series Soundstage. This show was filmed in Chicago at the WTTW studios. This concert was released on video, DVD, and laserdisc. The show took 6 hours to record according to Harry's guitarist Ron Palmer. The show is filmed in a small, intimate studio setting with a small appreciative audience with Harry engaged with the audience tell a story about each song.

The 1998 DVD release titled Sound Stage Series: An Evening with Harry Chapin is just a straight transcription of the video with no special features besides the addition of chapters. The DVD cuts off the part of the credits from the VHS. The DVD also lists a special appearance by Tom Chapin, however Tom does not appear on the DVD, nor the original VHS version.


Performance credits

Production credits

  • Ken Ehrlich - executive producer
  • Dave Erdman - associate producer, director
  • Eliot Wald - associate producer
  • Cynthia Sothon - assistant director
  • Tony Ciesniewski - technical supervisor
  • John Kennamer - audio
  • Joe Flores - video
  • Thomas Markle - light designer
  • Michael Lowenstein - set designer
  • Barry Blue - cameraman
  • Ken Clybor - cameraman
  • Tim Snell - cameraman
  • Carlos Tronshaw - cameraman
  • Martin Weaver - vision mixer
  • Joe Pellettiere - video tape
  • Rich Davies - video tape
  • Marvin Pienta - floor director
  • Rich Well - audio assistant
  • Robert Cutler - floor assistant
  • Jim Gedwellas - floor assistant
  • Jim Lindburg - floor assistant
  • Robert Murray - floor assistant
  • Rex Victor - floor assistant
  • Carolyn Inahara - graphics
  • Natalie Wargin - graphics
  • Andrew Epstein - title graphics

Special thanks to Fred Kewley

Additional DVD credits:

  • Steven Devick - executive producer DVD
  • Conni Treantafeles - art direction and design
  • Mark Alano - art direction and design
  • Sean Sutton - DVD Authoring


  • - the VHS version is highly rated by customers

Release history

Country Date Label Format Catalog Additional information
United States June 6, 1985 Rhino/WEA VHS R3 2085
United States Laserdisc
United States July 14, 1998 Platinum Entertainment DVD 0 15095 2307 2

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