A Tribute to Harry Chapin (TV program)

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The 1991 Harry Chapin Tribute Concert TV program featured footage from the concert performed in honor of Harry's 45th birthday on December 7, 1987 at Carnegie Hall in New York City. The concert was in honor of Harry being awarded the U.S. Congressional Gold Medal. The show was broadcast in the early 1990's, generally as a draw for fundraising efforts by local PBS stations. The program also featured interviews and archival performances of Chapin performances, and songs interspersed with photos of Harry, family and friends. The program was produced by Connecticut Public Television.

A CD was also released in 1990 featuring the performances from the TV program. The CD also includes a performance Delores Hall's performance of "When I Look Up".

Performances and highlights

Promotional video

Production company "Post Perfect" in NYC released a VHS promotional video "Harry Chapin Tribute Excerpts". This tape was probably for used by TV stations to promote the show and for clips to be used during breaks when used as a PBS fundraiser. The brief promotional video include the following clips:

  • Harry Belafonte: Show Open - :26
  • Graham Nash: "Sandy" - :57
  • Judy Collins: "Cat's in the Cradle" - :25
  • Richie Havens, Tom and Steve Chapin - :38
  • Bruce Springsteen - "Remember When the Music" - 1:33
  • Pat Benatar and Neil Geraldo - "Shooting Star" - :53
  • Harry Belafonte: Finale - :26 (includes start of "Circle")