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The VH1: Behind the Music: The Harry Chapin Collection compilation was released as a tie in to Harry Chapin being featured in one-hour documentary series of the same name on VH1. These songs on the TV show were not ones featured on this recording. n were featured on the VH1 show about Harry.

Track listing

  1. "Taxi"
  2. "I Wanna Learn a Love Song"
  3. "Cat's in the Cradle"
  4. "Sunday Morning Sunshine"
  5. "Better Place to Be"
  6. "Sequel"
  7. "Circle"
  8. "W*O*L*D"
  9. "Corey's Coming"
  10. "If My Mary Were Here"
  11. "Sniper"
  12. "Remember When the Music (Reprise)"
  13. "30,000 Pounds of Bananas" (Live)


  • All Music Guide - Lukewarm review by Steven Thomas Erlewine

Release history

Country Date Label Format Catalog
United States August 21, 2001 Rhino CD R2 74344

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