30,000 Pounds of Bananas

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30,000 Pounds of Bananas is a Harry Chapin song released on the Verities and Balderdash album.

This song was based on an actual truck wreck in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Jerry Lynott, a writer for Times-Leader, looked back on the March 18, 1965 truck accident this story was based on recently.

In spite of the serious theme, Harry had a fun time with end of this song in concert supposedly coming up with new endings because his band did not like the first ending. The Chapin catch phrase "Harry, It Sucks" originates from Harry's retelling of the bands first reaction to the proposed ending to the song.


First release





  • Wacky Classics of the '70s (1984) - Warner Special Products (CD)
  • American Pie - Great Tales & Sagas in Song (1998) - Reader's Digest (CD, cassette)
  • On the Road Again Essential Truck Driving Songs (2010) - Australia


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