Steve Chapin Band performance in St. Charles, Illinois (Arcada Theater) on December 3, 2010

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Courtesy of Luciano J. Bilotti)

The Steve Chapin Band performed "A Tribute to Harry Chapin" concert at the historic Arcada Theater in downtown St. Charles, Illinois on December 3, 2010.[1]

Set List

First set:

The second set:

Concert Review

The band was in excellent form. Voices and skills remain strong. A rather aggressive smoke machine led to many drug related jokes through out the show (this humor was staple at many 70's concerts). John's dead pan humor was in great form ("who knew I'd still being doing this while on Social Security"). Howie was running fake audio ads for songs supposedly being "sponsored" by the local dry cleaner and the like.

All in all a great night. Attendance was rather smallish. Theater seats 900. Maybe 300 were in attendance. Steve had a new CD available titled October Meditations. It's all instrumental, seems like tracks from a wedding reception per the liner notes. According to Jonathan Chapin, Steve's son, they are working on a new album with a female lead singer (did not catch her name) up in Canada.

Video performances

Performance of Taxi


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