Just Wild About Harry Concert on August 26, 2008

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The 2008 performance of the Just Wild About Harry Concert was held at the Eisenhower Park on Long Island, New York. This concert is part of the annual series of concerts performed since 2004. [1] [2]

Set list (partial) and performers

Other scheduled performers included:

  • Gathering Time - Glen Roethel, Stuart Markus
  • Doc Butler & JC Cob
  • Folk Fiction
  • Return to the Dream
  • Lisa Itts with Gathering Time
  • Josh Joffen with Warren B. Harding
  • Debra Lynne & Chris Tursi
  • MediaCrime (Harry Strole, John Mazza, Eddie Havoc)
  • Robin Eve
  • Return To The Dream (Tom Griffith, Diane Garisto, Martha Trachtenberg and Andy Huenerberg)
  • Ed Ryan
  • Christine Solemino
  • Kenny Forgione and Sue Turner Wonderous Stories with Frank Walker
  • Judith Zweiman
  • The Defibrillators (Sonny Meadows) & Tornado Alley (Lora Kendall)

Video performances

Flowers are Red by Robin Eve