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Harry Chapin was well-known for constantly touring throughout his career from 1972-1981, with over 2000 live performances over his abbreviated career.

Many of these concerts were for a variety of charitable organizations. These concerts were often solo performances so as to keep costs down. He would often do a benefit in one city on the afternoon and fly off to full concert that night. After brother Tom's wedding he caught a plane to a benefit for a concert in Sioux City, Iowa later that night. Chapin would often introduce his non-existent band-mates to supposed make himself more comfortable.

Even at concerts with thousands of fans Chapin would come out and sign autographs and shake hands. He never forgot the days when just few people would come to see him perform. He considered performing in front of a crowd a great job.

In addition to Cat's in the Cradle certain songs become staples at his concerts. 30,000 Pounds of Bananas was notable for its multiple endings and was the origin of the saying "Harry, It Sucks" , Circle was almost the finishing son. WOLD was notable for having the local radio station call letters inserted into the lyrics of the song. Better Place to Be was described as he favorite song in concert appearances.

Howie Fields website includes a day by day itinerary of his career with Chapin that includes every commercial performances from early 1975 on. Few, if any, solo performances are listed here.

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