Harry Chapin concert on 1976-12-07 in Urbana, Illinois (The Auditorium) - 2 shows

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Chapin with fans singing high part in Taxi

Harry performed two shows with brother Tom at the University of Illinois Auditorium on December 7, 1977. As was typical for concerts without the band, Harry invited fans on the stage to sing the high part in Taxi. About a dozen fans brought birthday cards and place them on Harry's stool on the stage before the concert. Tom also fell off his stool while performing causing stage crew to rush to his rescue; moments later he was back performing.

Concert photos

The low-quality photos were taken with a Kodak Instamatic camera.

Harry and Tom performing
Tom singing while Harry restrings guitar
Tom performs while Harry looks on
Tom falls off stool. Note birthday card "poster" one fan brought
Tom gets back on stool
Harry dancing
Harry and Tom performing.
Tom and Harry meet fans after show