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Harry Chapin Classics is a 3 CD compilation recording of Harry Chapin. It is most notable for the third CD being the first commercial CD partial release of Legends of the Lost and Found album. The full album was released on CD in 2005. The first 2 CDs include previously release material.

Releases on the Warner Special Products label were usually sold through telemarketing, TV ad campaigns, websites or offered to specific retailers (Costco, BJ Warehouses, etc.). These releases were not typically generally available to all retailers. The CD mentions this is distributed exclusively by EDI out of Eugene, OR. The web address on the CD is www.timelessmusic.com. As of 2010, this CD is no longer available.

The packaging on this release is rather sparse. There are no lyrics or liner notes.

Track listing

CD 1

  1. "WOLD"
  2. "What Made America Famous"
  3. "Any Old Kind of Day"
  4. "Cat's in the Cradle"
  5. "Caroline"
  6. "She is Always Seventeen"
  7. "Sniper"
  8. "I Wonder What Happened to Him"
  9. "Dreams Go By"
  10. "Could You Put Your Light On, Please"
  11. "Old College Avenue"
  12. "Laugh Man"
  13. "Dancin' Boy"

CD 2

  1. "Better Place to Be"
  2. "Dance Band on the Titanic"
  3. "Mr. Tanner"
  4. "Taxi"
  5. "30,000 Pounds of Bananas"
  6. "I Wanna Learn a Love Song"
  7. "Sunday Morning Sunshine"
  8. "They Call Her Easy"
  9. "Greyhound"
  10. "Shooting Star"
  11. "Corey's Coming"
  12. "Short Stories"
  13. "Circle"

CD 3

  1. "Stranger with the Melodies"
  2. "Copper"
  3. "The Day They Closed the Factory Down"
  4. "Pretzel Man"
  5. "If My Mary Were Here"
  6. "Old Folkie"
  7. "Get On With It"
  8. "We Were Three" - listed on the CD cover as "We Were There"
  9. "Poor Damned Fool"
  10. "Flowers Are Red"

Production Credits

Don Haugen - package design

Release history

Country Date Label Format Catalog Additional information
United States 2003 Warner Special Products CD OPCD-7612

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