Cotton Patch Gospel (album)

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Cotton Patch Gospel is cast album release of the 1981 musical play about the life of Jesus Christ. Harry Chapin was the composer and lyricist for the play. The play is based on Clarence Jordan's book "The Cotton Patch Version of Matthew and John". While completed the music in his life time, Chapin did not live to see it's first performance. After Harry's death, brother Tom took over the role of musical director and the play premiered in fall of 1981.

Track listing

Side 1

  1. "Something's Brewing in Gainesville"
  2. "I Did It/Mama Is Here"
  3. "It Isn't Easy"
  4. "Sho Nuff"
  5. "Turn It Around"
  6. "When I Look Up"
  7. "Busy Signals"
  8. "Spitball"
  9. "Going to Atlanta"

Side 2

  1. "Are We Ready?"
  2. "You are Still My Boy"
  3. "We Gotta Get Organized"
  4. "We're Gonna Love It While It Lasts"
  5. "Jubilation"
  6. "The Last Supper'
  7. "Jud"
  8. "Thank God for Governor Pilate"
  9. "One More Tomorrow"
  10. "Well I Wonder"


Starring Tom Key with Cotton Pickers (Scott Ainslie, Pete Corum, Michael Mark, and Jim Lauderdale)

  • Phillip M. Getter - producer
  • Louis F. Burke - associate producer
  • Harry Chapin - music and lyrics
  • Tom Chapin - musical director/arranger
  • Based on the Book: "The Cotton Patch Version of Matthew and John" by Clarence Jordan
  • Russell Treyz - director
  • Keith Walsh - recording and mixing
  • David Gahr - photography

Release history

Country Date Label Format Catalog
United States 1982 Chapin Productions LP CP 101
cassette CP 101C

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