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Circle is a Harry Chapin song released on the Sniper and Other Love Songs album. This song has been described as the Chapin family theme song that's sung at weddings, funerals, and bar mitzvahs. It became the song that typically finished his concerts with. This song is also known as All My Life's a Circle and Circles.


This song was originally written for brother Tom for use on his children's TV show Make a Wish. On the Mike Douglas Show Harry mentioned Circle was written one night in a greasy spoon in Brooklyn Heights. It was due the next day for a filming of Make a Wish.


First release

Live releases



Various artist compilations

  • Sold on Song - Radio 2 (CD) - UK
  • Simple Living 2 (2001) - Warner - Canada


Year Artist Album Label Format(s) Country Additional information
circa 1972 Tom Chapin TV US performed on Children's TV show Make a Wish
1972 New Seekers Polydor 2058-242 vinyl 7" UK The single charted in the UK for 16 weeks, reaching as high as #4.
1972 New Seekers Philips 6000.058 vinyl 7" Unknown
1972 New Seekers The Best of the New Seekers vinyl LP UK live performance from a 1970 British TV show is available on YouTube.
1982 Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie Precious Friend vinyl LP, CD US live version
1982 Tom Chapin In the City of Mercy vinyl LP, CD US
1982 Tom Chapin Specter Records International 7" US
1984 Cast of Lies and Legends Lies and Legends vinyl LP US
1984 Mason Dixon Texas Records vinyl 7" US The B side of the single was I Never Had a Chance.
1990 Oscar Brand, Steve Chapin, Tom Chapin, and Pete Seeger Harry Chapin Tribute LP, CD, cassette US Live from the 1987 Harry Chapin Tribute Concert. The song was reprised by the entire cast including Peter, Paul, and Mary.
1991 Limeliters Alive! In Concert LP, CD, cassette US From a 1985 concert on their also on a anthology release Until We Get It Right.
1996 Tom Chapin Join the Jubilee CD, cassette US Live
1998 New Seekers Greatest Hits CD Anthology of 1972 release
1999 Rob Wynne Wrote the filk lyrics "A Con Spent in Circle" to be sung to the tune of Circle. It was a 2001 Pegasus Award finalist.
2003 New Seekers The Singles CD Anthology of 1972 release
2006 New Seekers The New Seekers Songbook 1970-1974 CD Anthology of 1972 release
2006 Eve Graham The Mountains Welcome Me Home Scotdisc CD Eve was originally with the New Seekers

Video Performances

Jason Colannino performing Circle on ukulele

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