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This site is dedicated to the memory of Harry Chapin. There are approximately 752 pages in this wiki.


On this day

Coming soon

  • April 20 - The Chapin Family performs An Evening of Chapin Music featuring a Tribute to Harry Chapin with Jen Chapin and The Chapin Sisters in Sterling Heights, MI at WCS Performing Arts Studio. Tickets go on sale February 1st.[3]
  • April 28 - Harry Chapin Tribute concert performed by Bill Pere and Lunch Ensemble at the East Hartford Community Cultural Center in East Hartford, CT.[4]
  • May 26 - The Steve Chapin Band performs a "Harry Chapin Tribute featuring The Steve Chapin Band" at Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, Pennsylvania[5]
  • August 19 - The Chapin Family perform the annual "Chapin Family Concert By The Sea at Ovens Natural Park. the announced performers include Tom Chapin, Steve Chapin, Jen Chapin, Abigail Chapin, Lily Chapin, Jessica Craven, and Jonathan Chapin.[6]
  • December 15 - The Chapin Family performs 'A Chapin Family Christmas' featuring Tom Chapin, Steve Chapin, Jen Chapin, The Chapin Sisters (Abigail Chapin, Lily Chapin, Jessica Craven) with John Wallace, Howard Fields, Jonathan Chapin, Clark Wallace, Stephan Crump, Jamie Fox.[7]

Recent news and events

In 2011 Harry's song Cat's in the Cradle was selected for inclusion in Grammy Hall of Fame.[8]. Also in 2011, Rolling Stone readers selected Cat's in the Cradle as the second best song about dads.

Why does the Harry Chapin Wiki exist?

In 1999, Marty Acks started a Harry Chapin fan website. By 2008 the website was in need of updating. A wiki style update was chosen to simplify editing, provide built in searching, and for overall modernization of the website. Being a wiki, this web site now allow others to share what they know of Harry Chapin, his body of work, and the people and organizations he touched.

While Wikipedia is a great resource for information about famous people such as Harry, it also has notability guidelines. Much of the information in this website would not pass he notability test appropriate to a general purpose on-line encyclopedia, however it would be welcome here. Therefore, this wiki exists.


Contributions to the website are welcome and encouraged. This site uses the same software as wikipedia (mediawiki), so if you have updated wikipedia the process should be the same. If you have ideas for content but would prefer not to enter it yourself feel free to e-mail me directly. Trivia is encouraged, mind your manners, respect copyrights, and be reasonably Chapin related.


Should you have any questions feel free to contact me at martyacks at


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