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Harry Chapin appeared on the Tonight Show 14 times. In his first appearance he performed Taxi. It has been reported that Carson was so taken with his Chapin's performance that he invited Harry back to perform the following night. [1] The Official Tonight Show archives, however, do not list back to back appearances. [2] When Harry performed Sniper on the Tonight Show, Johnny and Ed McMahon were left speechless. Doc Severinsen had to announce the commercial break. [3]

Almost all Carson performances from the start of 1973 have been preserved by the Carson Entertainment Group. Limited clips are available for shows before 1973.[2]

At least three of the Carson performances have been released commercially. Song for Myself was featured on the TV special and DVD Remember When: The Anthology and the short song Dirty Old Man was included in the The Gold Medal Collection. A 15-DVD collection of Carson shows released on October 26, 2010 includes Harry's November 13, 1972 performance of Greyhound.

Numerous Chapin fans that grew up with Carson as one of the only options for late night TV in the 1970's, cite these performances as what brought them into Harry's music. In the '70s, the Internet, cable networks and MTV were not part of people's daily life yet.










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