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Melody Maker was a UK-based magazine that focused on rock and indie music. The magazine published a number of articles on Harry Chapin in the 1970s. The magazine went out of business in the 1990s. None of the content is available in official archives.


Notable articles (Partial list)


  • November 4 - "Chapin joins the winners' circle" features an interview with Harry (and Sandy). The article starts with a great line - "..The first time you listen to a song by Harry Chapin, let me give you a bit of advice: close your eyes and let the pictures come.".[1]
  • December 30 - Album Review "Harry Chapin: Sniper and Other Love Songs" observes "Chapin has the ability and character to become one of next year's big saviours."[2]


  • February 9 - Album review "Harry Chapin: "Short Stories" observes "it should be deemed a case of criminal neglect that Harry Chapin's "W.O.L.D." is not in the top ten"[3]
  • May 11 - "Short Stories of Harry Chapin" features an interview with Harry Chapin and observes "Chapin has, in fact, created a little category for himself over the past two years. A 'Harry Chapin' song speaks for itself."[4]
  • October 5 - In Harry Chapin: "Verities and Balderdash" Colin Irwin has a rather harsh take on the album while linking Halfway to Heaven he panned the rest of the album with "The rest generally as an underlying tinge of sadness hidden behind a catchy chorus line and a bright tune, yet the lyrics are so bare, and spelled out with such blatancy, it's hard to take it all too seriously.". e[5]
  • December 14 - Article just titled "Harry Chapin" was a review was performance of the December performance at Avery Hall. Watts wrote a rather upbeat review commenting that "Harry is a nice person. Really. You could take your mother and she wouldn't throw up."[6]



  • December 11 - "Harry Chapin: On The Road To Kingdom Come: is panned in Chris Welch's review. The last line of his review says it all. "A work of rare artistry for some, utter tedium for the rest of us."[8]


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