Flowers Are Red

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Flowers Are Red is a Harry Chapin song released on the Legends of the Lost and Found album.



The story Harry told about this song was that one of his staff's sons came home with a school report indicating that he was marching to the beat of different drummer. This song has been picked up as anthem as to what is wrong with the American education system or to encourage children to be creative. For example, B.H. Thanks comments on the song in a blog posting Harry Chapin's "Flowers are Red" & Dweck's Achievement Motivation Theory at [1]


First release



  • In 1996, Tom Chapin released a live version of this song on his Join the Jubilee album.
  • In 2002, Tom Chapin's live performance of this song was released on the Pass the Music On album. The performance is from the January 2002 Annual WFMA Benefit Weekend Concert featuring a tribute to Harry Chapin.
  • In 2006, Zain Bhikha covered Flowers Are Red on his Allah Knows album on the Jamal label.
  • In 2012, Jen Chapin covers this song live on her Celebrating Harry's 70th album.


  1. Thanks, B.H. "Harry Chapin's "Flowers are Red" & Dweck's Achievement Motivation Theory" Retrieved 2011-12-28 "[The boy] is equipped with a creative mind that sees the world in a colorful manner, and is eager to express it." 

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